Cybersecurity Reference and Resource Guide

2019 Cybersecurity Resource and Reference Guide_DoD-CIO_Final_2020FEB07

The purpose of this document is to provide a useful reference of both U.S. and International resources, in order to develop cybersecurity programs and to build and maintain strong network protection. Extensive reference materials exist that support efforts to build and operate trusted networks and ensure information systems maintain an appropriate level of confidentiality, integrity, authentication, non-repudiation, and availability. The resources compiled here support security cooperation and shared best practices to help achieve collective cybersecurity goals. This guide provides readily available and unclassified information pertaining to cybersecurity norms, best practices, security cooperation, policies and standards authored and adopted by the United States (U.S.) government, the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD), and recognized international institutes and workforce development training resources provided by government, industry, and academia.

Aspects related to Cyber Supply Chain Risk Management in the document:

Cyber Supply Chain Risk Management (SCRM) is the process of identifying, assessing, and mitigating the risks associated with the distributed and interconnected nature of information and operational technology product and service supply chains. It covers the entire life cycle of a system (including design, development, distribution, deployment, acquisition, maintenance, and destruction) as supply chain threats and vulnerabilities may intentionally or unintentionally compromise an information and operational technology product or service at any stage.


NIST SP 800-161, Supply Chain Risk Management Practices for Federal Information Systems and Organizations, April 2015

Federal agencies are concerned about the risks associated with information and communications technology (ICT) products and services that may contain potentially malicious functionality, are counterfeit, or are vulnerable due to poor manufacturing and development practices within the ICT supply chain. These risks are associated with the federal agencies decreased visibility into, understanding of, and control over how the technology that they acquire is developed, integrated, and deployed, as well as the
processes, procedures, and practices used to assure the integrity, security, resilience, and quality of the products and services. This publication provides guidance to federal agencies on identifying, assessing, and mitigating ICT supply chain risks at all levels of their organizations. This publication integrates SCRM into federal agency risk management activities by applying a multi- tiered, SCRM-specific approach, including guidance on supply chain risk assessment and mitigation activities.


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