Parts, Materials, and Processes Control Program for Space Vehicles

The requirements of this document were developed for long life and/or high reliability space vehicles and equipment, and are based on MIL-STD-1546B. To ensure successful operation of space equipment, attention to every detail is required at every level of assembly throughout development, manufacture, qualification, testing, and operation starting with the parts, materials, and processes used.

This document supersedes Aerospace Technical Operating Report TOR-2006(8583)-5235 Revision A, titled Parts, Materials, and Processes Control Program for Space and Launch Vehicles, and shall be used for all space program PMP procurements.

The objective of this parts, materials, and processes control program document is to ensure integrated and coordinated management of the selection, application, procurement, control and cost effective standardization of EEEE (electrical, electronic, electromechanical and electro-optical) and mechanical parts, materials, and processes for space vehicles. The requirements presented herein should reduce program costs and improve the reliability of all space vehicles and is intended for all future space program acquisitions.

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